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Beauty Hacks You Need In Your Life

There are so many beauty hacks out there, we have rounded up a few of our favourites for you!



When you desperately need a fan brush and don't have one on hand, simply take 2 bobby pins and put them over a powder brush or blush brush to create the fan shape. Now you can get that highlight poppin!!

DIY Fan Brush



Isn't it annoying when you want to use multiple colours on your eyes and only have one brush!! Using a dry brush cleaner gets the excess colour off the brush so you can use multiple eyeshadows without the colours mixing. (Also works for blush brushes to switch between contour and blush).

All you need is a container and a hair bun insert. Put the bun insert into the container and after applying one colour, rub the brush over the bun insert to remove the excess colour from the brush and then use the same brush with a new colour! Simple!!

DIY Dry Brush Cleaner



 Who doesn't want fuller looking lips! Use a skin tone pencil (usually used for lining the water line on the eyes) or if you don't have one, use a little bit of concealer, apply only to the centre of the lips, then top with gloss to give the illusion that your lips are fuller.



After applying one coat of mascara, brush a little translucent powder onto the roots of your lashes before applying a second coat of mascara. The powder will adhere to the lashes making them look thicker once the mascara is on. 



It's the worst when an eyeshadow breaks! Especially when it is your favourite. To fix it, all you need is some rubbing alcohol!! Crush the broken eyeshadow (or blush) into a fine powder, add a few drops/sprays of the rubbing alcohol and mix to form a paste. Press back into it's container and allow to dry. Once completely dry it's as good as new!



Makeup breaking has got to be one of the worst things about travelling. Help stop this happening by placing either a cotton ball or cotton pad in the container, this gives protection to the powder inside and provides cushioning for any bumps in your luggage.



Matte Lipsticks and waterproof makeup can be pretty hard to remove. If you regularly wear them you should invest in a tub of coconut oil! To remove lipstick or mascara pour a bit of coconut oil onto a cotton pad and rub over the area to lift the makeup off. You can also just rub it directly onto the skin to remove all makeup. However due to coconut oil being highly comedogenic (clogs pores) make sure you remove the oil from the skin by cleansing twice, straight after using it to prevent breakouts. 


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