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Biggest Trends Of 2017

2017 has been a huge year for beauty, lets take a look back at the biggest trends we have seen.....


Crazy Brows

Whilst we predicted that brows would see a shift from the 'Instagram' brow look to a more natural look, we did not see coming the amount of crazy eyebrow trends that featured heavily throughout 2017. Wavy brows, braided brows, feather brows, crown brows, Christmas tree brows..... you name it, it has likely been created on a brow. Frankly we would be happy to see this trend go away in 2018!




Unicorns & Mermaids

So many unicorn products were released in 2017! It was definitely the year of the unicorn! We do love unicorns, so it was quite exciting and fun to see what everyone came out with! Mermaids followed after the unicorns and whilst we haven't seen as much of them, there has still been a lot of mermaids floating around. We predict we will be seeing alot more of them in 2018.


Holographic/Duo Chrome/Iridescent Makeup

Holo has been everywhere this year & whilst many beauty products have been labelled as holographic, not one item has actually been!! What companies are referring to as holographic is actually duo chrome or iridescent. We will forgive the mislabelling of makeup as holo because the duo chrome/iridescent makeup is just so pretty as well.



We took a step back from matte and fully embraced shimmer this year. From metallic shimmering lips, to lip toppers, to beautiful jewel tone shimmering eyeshadows! We have loved every minute of it, please don't make it stop!




90's Throwback

As with fashion this year, beauty saw a lot of the trends from the 90's come back. Whether it be from the packaging of a product or the bright colours or grungy lips, 2017 has had all the 90's throwbacks!


That rounds up the biggest trends of 2017, what was your favourite trends and what do you hope to see in 2018?

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