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Glitter... But Make It Grown Up

I spent most of my teens and early twenties coated in glitter at every opportunity! From glitter body creams to glitter hairspray, there was never an event that didn't require glitter and boy did I embrace it! 

Glitter has had a resurgence in makeup over the last few years, it is no longer just reserved for teens heading to a school disco or festival goers, anyone can wear it and whenever you want. Glitter has grown up! So how can you incorporate it into your everyday makeup looks without looking like you are heading off to the nearest kids party? We have some tips for you!


1. Apply a small amount to the inner corner of your eye. It grabs the light and gives you a little bit of fun! You can do this with minimal makeup or with full eyeshadow.

2. Apply over your eyeshadow in the centre of the lid

3. Apply a small amount of glittery lip gloss to the centre of your lips.




1. Apply a matte eyeshadow over your crease, then apply a glitter to the lid. More sophisticated then just glitter by itself.

2. If wanting glitter on your cheeks, apply a highlight first, then apply a small amount of glitter to the back section of your cheekbone, closer to the hairline.

3. Apply along your hair part

4. Apply over your winged eyeliner 

5. For body, apply a body oil first for an all over glow, then apply glitter to top of shoulders, collarbone for an extra pop! 


How will you wear your glitter?

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