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Makeup Trend Forecast 2019

New year, new you! Or new makeup trends to be exact. Here is our predicitions for the biggest makeup trends we can expect in 2019.

Natural Skin 

natural skin

We have seen a dramatic shift from full coverage to a more sheer/light coverage throughout 2018. More and more people are embracing their natural skin and using products that enhance rather then hide. Even if you don't have perfect supermodel skin, you can still rock the natural skin look, simply use a light coverage foundation all over the skin and then add more concealer on the areas you want more coverage. Or embrace your imperfections!


Get the look: 

Pixi H2O Skintint

Esmi Mineral BB Cream


Glass Complexion

glass complexion

Complimenting the natural skin trend is the glass complexion. This started in Korea and is referring to the skin goal of having translucent, poreless, illuminated skin. Achieving glass skin is all about layering hydrating products to get that luminous finish. This can be acheived with hydrating skincare and also adding liquid illuminators into your foundation or directly to the skin. Powder is the enemy to glass skin, so avoid using powder products and let your skin shine!

Get the look:

Inc.redible Cosmetics Well Lit

LA Girl Luminous Glow Skin Illuminator



monochromatic makeup

Monochrome doesn't just mean black and white, it means using the same colour throughout your whole look. Matching eyeshadow, cheeks and lips we predict will be a big trend and on the plus side it makes picking what makeup to use pretty easy! Don't have a matching shade? The colours don't have to be exact, but you can use Blush as eyeshadow and over the lips topped with gloss.

Get the look:

Pixi Get The Look Lip Palette

Pixi Palette Chloette


Cool Tones

cool tones makeup

We have been inundated with warm tones over the last few years and poor cool tones have been forgotten about. They are slowly making a comeback and are completely underrated! Cool tone lipsticks make your teeth look whiter and can make your eyes pop and appear brighter! 

Get the look:

Milani Everyday Eyes Must Have Naturals

Lime Crime Velvetines Marshmallow


Bronze Glow


Contour is out, bronzer is in! Bronzer provides a more subtle look on the skin then contour and is perfect for a natural looking complexion. It can still provide definition around the face like contour if you use it correctly. To just add some warmth to the skin apply using a large fluffy brush, to add definition apply using an angled blush brush. Worried that your skin is too fair for bronzer/ Don't be, choose a bronzer with a neutral undertone, so it doesn't appear orange on the skin.

Get the look:

Poni Cosmetics Unicorn Chocolate

Milani Bronzer XL 


We look forward to seeing these trends and many more appear throughout the new year! Happy 2019, may it be your best year yet!

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