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Makeup Trends For 2022

New Year, new you... and that means new makeup trends!!
Let's see what we can look forward to this year in beauty...

1. Skin is still in!

Glowing Skin
We saw a huge shift last year with skin and skincare being the main focus and makeup looking quite natural. Well that is not over yet! It is pretty clear that we are still trending towards a no makeup, makeup look with a massive focus on fresh skin. Expect to see more active skincare ingredients popping up in your makeup as well.
PRO TIP: for the best natural looking base, blend out with a makeup sponge.

2. Eyeshadow Eyeliner

Eyeshadow Liner
It really is no surprise, considering the natural skin look is in, that harsh liquid liner is being replaced with soft blended eyeshadow used as eyeliner. Super simple to do and a lot softer and subtle, to provide a little definition to the eye area.

3.Peach & Orange Tones

Peach Eyeshadow
There is usually a stand out colour each year that you see pop up everywhere and this year it is going to be the peach & orange tones! Try and incorporate it into your eyeshadow looks or these tones look gorgeous as a blush shade.
PRO TIP: Fair skins go for more peachy tones, deeper skins orange/apricot tones. Use your blush colour over your eyelids if you don't have an eyeshadow.

4. Tints And Cream Products

tints and cream products
Powders are very much out and glowing, dewy & fresh is in. Cream & liquid products have been making a big comeback in the last year, but expect to see more tints and stains coming through this year.
PRO TIP: if you have oily skin and still want to jump on the cream products, just set with powder in your t-zone or problem areas and let the rest glow.

5. Glossy Ombre Lips

ombre lips
A touch of a lip stain in the centre, topped with a gloss... *chef kiss!
A fun look that is very reminiscent of summer and giving vibes of I' just ate an icypole!!'
PRO TIP: don't have a lip stain? Use a liquid blush instead. 
What trends are you most looking forward to this year? Let us know below xx


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