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Unicorn Love

Poni Cosmetics has graced us with their new Unicorn Collection!! We love Poni Cosmetics in general, but throw in a unicorn and well.... our love just escalated!!

The Unicorn Collection includes:

Unicorn Chocolate - a ombre bronzer, ranging from deep bronze to light bronze

Unicorn Candy - a ombre blush, ranging from matte hot pink to a shimmering peach

Unicorn Champagne - a ombre highlight ranging from high shimmer to light shimmer

Each of them are beautiful powders, that are so smooth and blendable. With each having a unique ombre design you can get many looks out of the one product. let's take a closer look at each one.

Unicorn Chocolate

Unicorn Chocolate Swatches

I don't know about anyone else, but as a pale girl, I struggle to find a bronzer that I absolutely love. They are generally too orange for my skin or too shimmery or too dark. So I don't use bronzers very often, as I have just never found one that I adored. Now that being said, this bronzer is perfection and is my new obsession!! It is warm tone, but it isn't orange, it leaves you looking perfectly sunkissed! The powder has a subtle sheen, but isn't shimmery and doesn't leave you looking shiny. If you like a more warm tone contour (as opposed to a cool tone) this also doubles as a contour powder. You only need the tiniest amount , as it is very pigmented.

We recommend: apply with a Powder Brush over the high points of the face to achieve a sunkissed glow (cheeks, forehead, nose, chin). Build up colour to achieve your desired level of bronzed goddess. If using as a contour apply using the Angled Blush Brush or the Poni Cosmetics Contour Brush to under the cheekbones, hairline, jawline, sides of the nose. Again build up the colour to suit. Can also be used as an eyeshadow.

*swatches: top - swirled, middle - top of pan, bottom - bottom of pan


Unicorn Candy

Unicorn Candy Swatches

Never before have I seen a blush that perfectly replicates a sunset. Blush hasn't really been having a moment this year, which is sad, as I find it quite essential to complete a look and to give your face colour. You can get about 4 different shades out of this blush, just from where you swipe your brush. Again it is highly pigmented, so you only need a little bit to create a nice flush to the cheeks. The powder, with it's touch of shimmer doesn't emphasise pores and texture on the skin, which is a bonus. Whether you are going for a natural day look or a glam evening look, this blush would suit any occasion.

We recommend: lightly swiping your Angled Blush Brush from top to bottom in the pan, tap off the excess and apply to the apples of your cheeks, sweeping back towards your hairline.

*swatches: top - swirled, middle - top of pan, bottom - bottom of pan


Unicorn Champagne

Unicorn Champagne Swatch

Who doesn't love highlight!! And boy does this highlight deliver! A universally flattering champagne shade, that is just stunning! The powder melts into your skin and delivers a gorgeous glow, not glittery, not powdery, just a delicious glaze over your cheekbones! The fact that this highlight ranges from high shimmer to low shimmer is just genius, so regardless of whether you want your highlight to be the focal point or not, it will suit your needs. Again this powder does not emphasise pores and texture like so many other highlighters do.

We recommend: apply using a Fan Brush or Large Eyeshadow Brush to the high points of the face (cheekbones, centre of nose, cupids bow, forehead) to amp up the shine, spray your face with setting spray and apply a second layer over the top, this also locks in the highlight to stop it fading throughout the day. Use on the centre of the eyelid to open up your eyes.

*swatches: top - swirled, middle - top of pan, bottom - bottom of pan


Overall these 3 new products from Poni Cosmetics are amazing! They are now staples in our makeup routine, because now we cannot imagine our life without them!



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