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Why cruelty free?

Here at Ooh Fabulous! we believe that animals shouldn't have to suffer for our beauty. So we made a conscious decision to create an online beauty destination that provides only cruelty free products.

Are all products vegan?

Not all the products we stock are vegan. To make it easier to shop for vegan products we have marked all products that are suitable for vegans. So look for this image on products to let you know if it is vegan friendly!

I have looked at the ingredients and the product is suitable for vegans, however it doesn't have the above heart image?

Some products may be vegan, however we will not list a product as vegan if the brand doesn't. Brands won't list a product as vegan if there is a chance it can be cross-contaminated with an animal by product. For these products it is best to use your own judgement.

Do you offer pro discount

If you are a professional makeup artist you can email us at with your certificate/diploma. If approved we will then send you a discount code for your personal use. Anyone found giving out there code to someone else will be disqualified, it is for personal use only.

Do you offer PR for beauty bloggers/influencers?

If you are interested in reviewing our products, please email your details, links to all social media accounts and as much information as possible (number of subscribers, reach, page views, etc) to

Please note we can only send Ooh Fabulous branded products for PR.